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Top Qualities of a Minimalist Wallet

Top Qualities of a Minimalist Wallet

Wallets have always been used by men for its functionality and for their fashion sense. Men would ever want a slim wallet that can occupy the rear pocket, or that can slide down the front pocket easily. Used to carry paper bills and the most important cards such as identification cards, credit or debit cards, and calling cards, men have always preferred wallets made of leather.

Slim wallets that can accommodate the most contents has always been the trend among men who consider having a wallet a necessity. Bulky wallets create big bulges on rear pockets which may not be good to see and are also very uncomfortable to sit on.


paper bills Functionality

This is the feature of a wallet that determines how much it can contain from paper bills, identification cards, and credit and debit cards to other cards that are as important.

The best wallets have the most compartments for your essentials that you can insert on it. As most men use their wallets to insert receipts, invoices and calling cards, it is really vital to have a wallet that will be able to accommodate all of these with a substantial number of paper bills.


Stylish and unique designs are features that are very important to a man who has a sense of fashion. Wallets that have a sleek and well-defined outline are factors that can make a man choose a brand of wallet.

Quality raw materials define the outer look of wallets. With leather as the most common material used for men’s wallets, how it was processed into thin glossy material and how it was sewed together make the perfect wallet. The materials used and the mode of production may determine the durability of the wallet.

The various brands can have different colors of wallets to match every man’s personality.

Unique Features

handSome brands have innovative features that make some wallet a cut above the rest. Most popular wallet brands have safety features that prevent electronic pickpocketing. These are wallets that have RFID blocking layer that can also prevent identity theft.

A vital feature also is a sturdy money clip that holds your paper bills into place. Some wallets can even have compartments for coins for men who prefer traveling with loose change.

Warranty and Price

While all wallets perform almost the same functions, some brands may be very pricey. A hassle-free warranty can be the best bargain you can get for an expensive wallet. Brands that offer one year warranty for their wallet can be a significant factor why men prefer a particular brand. Other brands may have shorter warranties while others may not offer a warranty at all.…