Pro Tips to the Perfect Engagement Ring

Pro Tips to the Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you planning to ask her the all-important question? If yes, then we guess by now you’re probably thinking about how you will pop the question and what her answer will be. However, there’s one crucial thing you must never forget – the perfect ring! Well, choosing the perfect engagement ring will only go a long way towards showing your other half how committed and serious you are. Therefore, this no-nonsense guide will take you through some pro tips to consider when buying the perfect ring. Read on!

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This is a pretty much straightforward point because the set budget will definitely play an important role when picking the perfect engagement ring. Setting a particular budget will help you explore all the available options. Keep in mind however that there’s no specific amount to spend on an engagement ring, so always spend what you’re comfortable with. When all is said and done, what you pay for will always reflect on the quality you get, especially in this case.

The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs is arguably the most stressed point when shopping around for a diamond engagement ring. In short, the 4 Cs represent how diamonds are classified: carat, clarity, cut, and color. First of all, a correctly cut diamond will properly reflect and refract light, making it a sight to behold. As for the color, a diamond with less color is considered to be rarer and much more valuable. Also, a clear diamond has few or no natural inclusions or blemishes and is highly valued. All in all, the perfect diamond ring must strike a great balance between all these characteristics.

Ring Style

There are several ring styles out there that you should definitely know about. Styles such as halos, solitaires, and trilogy can be confused with computer games when they’re just simple ring styles. Just do your homework to find the perfect fit.

Reliable Seller

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A ring is definitely a significant investment, so finding the correct seller is very important

Ring Size

Don’t make the mistake of buying a ring without first determining her ring size. That being said, the most common ring size among women is between 6-6.5, so it’s good to play safe on the larger size. The best option is to find one of her rings and trace it on a piece of paper or carry along one of her rings to the jeweler. Also, always find out what kind of resize policy your jeweler has since most, if not all, rings can be resized.

Side Stones

If you want something more dazzling, always settle for an engagement ring with side stones. This is because they carry along a certain dash of elegance, thus creating a more sophisticated look. You can choose to go for channel or pave set diamonds on the ring shank, or diamond baguettes on the center stone’s sides.

Buying the perfect engagement ring will most certainly make your fiancé flip out and give you the right answer you’ve been waiting for. And yes, it will also significantly boost your rating among her friends and family. However, be careful not to do this during a holiday such as Christmas or her birthday, as one of her exes might end up arguing that this is just a regular holiday gift. It’s always helpful to be a little bit cautious, right?